Oakland Promise



We as a community take collective responsibility to ensure that all of our students will graduate from high school with the expectations, resources, and skills to complete college and be successful in the career of their choice.

East Bay College Fund is a founding partner with the City of Oakland and the Oakland Unified School District.  We are expanding our reach and leveraging our proven success to lead the College Scholarships and College Completion Promise initiatives and partner with OUSD on the Future Centers.

future centers squareFuture Centers

We will provide college access support focused on high schools and the largest middle schools through future centers that will provide college and career counseling, support with college applications and scholarships to ensure students are taking the necessary steps to enter college and ultimately be successful in college and career. Learn more »


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College Scholarships

To fill financial gaps and minimize financial barriers for Oakland students, we will provide need-based college scholarships to all qualifying students from low-income backgrounds. Students at 2-year and technical colleges will receive up to $1,000 per year while students at 4-year colleges will receive up to $4,000 per year. We will roll out school by school, contingent on funding. Additionally, partnerships with local colleges, nonprofits, and scholarship providers will generate additional support to ensure students graduate ready for success in a career of their choice.  .. Learn more »


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College Completion

We are focused on college completion and will provide peer and professional support proven to help students complete a 2 or 4-year, college degree or career certification. Learn more »


The Oakland Promise initiative will be piloted* and expand through a thoughtful, phased approach over the next 4-6 years so that eventually all students – with a prioritized focus on those from low-income backgrounds will benefit.

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*2016 Promise Schools:  Oakland High, Coliseum College Prep Academy, Life Middle School