Oakland Promise for All Students


Benefits that East Bay College Fund brings to all Oakland students through the Oakland Promise, even those who didn’t receive scholarships

  1.      First semester free at all Peralta colleges: if you are a student of an Oakland public school and you sign up for classes at a Peralta college in the fall after graduation, that first semester if completely FREE. This should happen automatically when you register, but if you have any problems feel free to contact East Bay College Fund at 510-836-8900 or info@eastbaycollegefund.org.
  2.      CREWS peer support is available at ANY college: membership in CREWS gives you money for books and supplies, access to a network of other students with similar backgrounds dedicated to your college success, knowledge and tips about your campus that only experienced college students can give, access to summer support workshops and retreats, and career networking and internships throughout college. Sign up at bit.ly/joincrews
  3.      Access to the MyCoach phone app at no charge: MyCoach helps you “Navigate College Like a Pro”, with reminders for important tasks, quizzes and goal setting to help you identify your priorities, and tips and inspiration from your peers. Download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play, and then use your personal MyCoach ID to sign up. You will be sent your MyCoach ID when you register at bit.ly/joincrews