Where Are They Now?

East Bay College Fund has made a life-changing difference for many young people. Our alumni are well on their way to a future of personal and professional achievements. Many are giving back to our community and serving as role models to students just beginning their journey. Below are examples of where they are now.

Akiba Bradford, Adriana Perez, Jameil Butler, Marvyn Arevalo-Avalos reunite at a summer retreat as alumni

Brittany Chambers
(B.A. Anthropology, Minor in Gender and Women’s Studies, UC Berkeley 2010)

  • Received masters of public health at California State University, Fresno
  • Working for the Central Valley Health Policy institute as a Research Analyst for an evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention program
  • Plans to apply to PhD programs

Leonel Mendoza
(B.A. Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley 2009)

  • Attending UC Davis School of Medicine.  Goal is to work with children around the world
  • Travels to build classrooms at an orphanage in Thailand. Considers it a life-long connection

Krsna Avila 
(BA in Sociology and Psychology, UC Davis 2010)

  • Legal Services Manager for Educators for Fair Consideration
    (E4FC), an organization dedicated to helping immigrant students achieve the ‘American dream’ of college and citizenship.
  • Attend law school in the near future.

Rakim Johnson
(B.A. Economics, UC San Diego 2010)

  • Attending Stanford University School of Law

Marvyn Arévalo Avalos
B.S. Human Development, UC Davis 2010)

  • 3rd year doctoral student in Counseling Psychology at the University of Missouri.
  • Graduate instructor teaching diversity courses.  Works as a research assistant for an outreach center working with Latinos
  • Graduate level clinician working at a community mental health agency

Yahya Abdul-Mateen

(UC Berkeley 2011)

  • Pursuing Masters of Fine Arts in Acting at Yale School of Drama
  • Worked as Program Coordinator for the HOPE SF Youth Leadership Academy in San Francisco at Mayors Office of Housing

David Lloyd
(Bachelor of Sociology, UC Berkeley 2007)

  • Police Officer for the past 3 and a half years, first for Oakland, currently for Alameda Police Dept. Working patrol and midnight shift.

Samuel Becerra
(B.A. Economics, Pomona College 2008)

  • Working in the world of public finance. combining interest in the financial markets with desire to serve surrounding community.
  • Active in local community organizations like the East Bay College Fund and my local church.  Participate in organizations that support and encourage economic, academic and social change in our community.

Akiba Bradford
(B.A. Anthrology and Sociology, Knox University 2011)

  • Program Assistant at the National Council on Crime and Delinquency.
  • Working on variety of projects including: Attorneys General’s Defending Childhood Task Force; Improving Permanency for LGBT Youth; Dispelling Myths Surrounding the Incarceration of LGBT; Alameda County Children with Incarcerated Parents; Santa Clara Reentry.

Jameil Butler
(B.S. Recreational Administration, California State University, Fresno 2010)

  • HIgh School College Advisor for East Bay College Fund
  • Role model for younger African American males seeking a college degree.

Elisa Ortega-Enriquez
(B.A. Public Health, UC Berkeley 2011)

  • Program Coordinator, AmeriCorps for Oakland Kicks Asthma program
  • Plans to apply for dual masters program for nursing and public health

Inocente Rios Oregon
(B.A. Chicano studies, Spanish, UC Davis 2012)

  • Attend Law School in fall 2013
  • Goal is to become an immigration attorney