African American Male Achievement Program

Students from Castlemont Manhood Development class

Partnering on a pioneering program, we are working to address the many educational and cultural challenges to college access for African American males in the Oakland Unified School District. Together, we are creating a pathway from high school through college graduation for these promising young men.

  • Partnership with the African-American Male Achievement Initiative at Oakland Unified School District and UC Berkeley Destination College.
  • Manhood Development Program:  Our College Advisors work with 200 African American 9th-11th grade young men teaching a weekly college access curriculum in a for-credit class at six schools (Castlemont, Fremont, McClymonds, Oakland High, Oakland Technical and Skyline).
  • Young men who meet the Great Expectations scholarship requirements will have priority application
  • All Manhood Development participants attending a local college will be served by our College Crews Program through their sophomore year of college.

Through involvement with a range of students, from truant to succeeding, we will grow to serve 350-400 young men in 9-12th grade helping them achieve educational success.  In this demographic, less than 60% graduate from high school, compared to 83% graduation rate for white students (Murphy). This program is open to all African-American young men. In a recent evaluation, absences and school tardies decreased 43% among participants, and 50% earned higher grades over the course of only a single academic year.

Learn more about the challenges of African American males in Oakland and the AAMAI program in this recent series profiling some of our students in the SF Chronicle and KQED’s Forum.