College Access Programs

Seniors in the College Access Office at Castlemont High School register for the ACT test.

East Bay College Fund college access programs strengthen the motivation and preparation for college success. Integrating into school culture, with teachers, parents, and by offering a range of college awareness activities, our programs increase the capacity to enhance the expectation that all students can attend college.

• College Access Services: Based at Oakland and Castlemont and Oakland Tech high schools, under-performing schools with graduation rates below state averages, East Bay College Fund provides on-site college advising services. Using our unique “equity approach” we are creating a college-going culture on these campuses so that all students – regardless of race, economic or academic background – are expected to advance to a higher education.  Read more

African American Male Achievement Initiative: Partnering the Oakland Unified School District and U.C. Berkeley Destination College, we are working with African American young men at their high schools. Read more

Early Pledge–  East Bay College Fund has partnered with Think College Now!, an Oakland elementary school, pledging $1000 college scholarships to fifth graders who graduate high school A-G and enroll in a 4-year college.  We provide incentive for them with the promise of  future financial support, and engage semi-annually, motivating and supporting them on their path from middle school to college. Read more