4 Year Scholarship

Deadline for submission March 8

Criteria for Applicants:

East Bay College Fund grants scholarships up to $16,000 to be awarded over 4 years (or over a longer college tenure, if needed)

* Applicants must be current graduating senior attending an Oakland public high school

* Must demonstrate:

  • Academic preparation to succeed in college.
  • Resiliency: able to overcome obstacles to achieve academic and personal goals
  • Life skills: Responsible, Resourceful and Involved in school or the community, etc.
  • Financial need to attend college

* Must apply to at least two 4-year colleges – we encourage students to apply to a range of 4-year colleges and universities, including private institutions, UCs and CSUs

* Must be committed to enroll and matriculate at a four-year accredited college or university in the fall 2016.

* Cumulative minimum 3.0 GPA to maximum 3.7 GPA. Note: Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis

* If you receive any of the following awards, you may be ineligible for an East Bay College Fund Great Expectations Award.

  • Berkeley Incentive Award
  • UC Berkeley Cal Opps/Cal Works
  • Students Rising Above
  • Gates Millenium
  • Any other scholarship over $3500

Mandatory Dates for Great Expectations Awards Recipients:

If awarded a Great Expectations 2016 Scholarship, the following are mandatory events:

  • Scholar & Mentor Orientation (Evening in mid-May 2016; date and location to be determined)
  • Scholarships Awards Ceremony (Evening in mid-May 2016; date and location to be determined)
  • Program Kick-Off (All-day Saturday in early June 2016, 2015)
  • Summer persistence events and participation in year-long freshman persistence programming at his or her college campus through our College Crews Program
  • Summer Retreat (Late July, late afternoon/evening event)
  • Second Summer Event (All day in early August 2016)
  • Winter Retreat (Dec 2016)