We’re Unique

What Makes the East Bay College Fund Scholarship Unique?

We believe that our graduation rate is above 80% (compared to less than 30% for this demographic) because of the support services that we provide throughout college.

Our goal is to provide authentic, sustained, accountable support and mentoring from high school through college graduation. We empower, educate and  ultimately change lives through the commitment of our strong network of community partners and dedicated volunteers.

East Bay College Fund is much more than a scholarship:  click video below:

  • Great Expectations Awards are substantial four-year $16,000 scholarships ($4,000/year). Most scholarship programs provide only one-year awards.
  • East Bay College Fund has a well-established mentoring program to help students acculturate and succeed in the college environment.
  • East Bay College Fund seeks public high school students who are often overlooked in the scholarship process. Focus is on students in significant financial need with GPA’s between 3.0 and 3.7, who have overcome personal or family difficulties while achieving strong academic records.
  • An East Bay College Fund professional counselor provides college guidance, personal support, and life skills workshops for its scholars.
  • East Bay College Fund’s Campus Crews program provides peer mentoring and support groups on several college campuses throughout the Bay Area.
  • East Bay College Fund provides a community of support through high expectations, semi-annual retreats, and Scholar leadership initiatives.
  • Great Expectation Scholars may attend the 4-year accredited college or university of their choice, anywhere in the U.S.
  • 100% of scholarship-designated funds go directly to students. Administrative funds are raised separately.
  • Donors can participate as part of a donor group that funds a four-year scholarship. People of widely varying means can help support East Bay College Fund youth.
  • Donors may name their scholarships and develop close relationships with their Scholars, if desired. Donors know their investment in a college education is supported by comprehensive support services.

Ashley and Yusef at August retreat