East Bay College Fund jump-starts dreams of 50 Oakland students

East Bay College Fund featured in Oakland Tribune and other Inside Bay Area news outlets

OAKLAND — Kelly Nguyen, whose parents fled war-torn Vietnam 25 years ago and ended up living in West Oakland, always wanted to go to college.

Soon, she will start as an undeclared major at San Diego State, taking health science courses. She’ll do it with $16,000 in her college bank account and a strong, supportive “sister mentor,” all provided by the East Bay College Fund.

….”Each one of these students is going to make $1 million more over their career because they went to college,” East Bay College Fund Executive Director Diane Dodge said. According to the fund’s statistics, 80-90 percent of their supported college students graduate, far surpassing the general public’s 20 percent graduation rate. And after graduation, many of the students come back to Oakland to work, volunteer and give money.

“It’s not only about the $16,000. This will change the status of their families forever,” Dodge said. “This is a real strategic way of improving Oakland and supporting Oakland’s students and families.”

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