Donor Testimonials

We recently asked some of our Scholarship donors why they choose to support East Bay College Fund and its programs.

In their own words….

“The East Bay College Fund has the right formula for ensuring the continued success of its college scholarship recipients, with ongoing support and mentorship throughout the student’s four years of college.  That’s why we are proud to support their work and the impressive students they sponsor.”  —  Denise Abrams,  Kazan, McClain, Abrams, Fernandez, Lyons, Greenwood, Harley & Oberman Foundation, INC

“I support the East Bay College Fund because they support promising students who might not otherwise be able to attend college.  We Americans can only recapture our competitive edge by providing the best education possible to our promising youth.”  —  Stewart Florsheim

“I believe the one constant solution for betterment in a diverse and rapidly changing world is education.  The East Bay College Fund supports this view in providing educational opportunities where few existed.  As such, I have and will continue to support the organization’s efforts to bring opportunity to very worthy individuals in our community.” — Peter Pervere

“I was amazed by the gratitude expressed to me and my family by the scholars we have supported.  It was incredible to see how our contribution had such a positive impact on another person’s life.”  —  Joe Downes

“One of us (Betsy) earned a B.A., M.A., and J.D. courtesy of the publicly-funded higher education that California used to offer.  One of us (Barry) attended a private college in California thanks to a state-funded scholarship program that paid his tuition, and obtained a law degree thanks to the G.I. Bill in the days when it was a meaningful source of education funds.  Those resources are sadly unavailable to young people in today’s California.  We know from our own experience how important education is.  We owe a big debt of gratitude to those who made our education possible.  We are paying that debt by supporting the East Bay College Fund.”  —  Betsy and Barry Adler

“It’s been wonderful to be part of EBCF. The long, thorough selection process has given us a window into how many extraordinary, hard-working, deserving young people are graduating from Oakland public high schools today. We feel so lucky to be able to contribute.  We’ve seen dramatic growth not only in our own mentees, but also in the young people we’ve sponsored and the whole group of young people in the program. The students who were extraordinary academic standouts are doing amazing things, giving back to their communities. And the students who left high school with tons of hope, but not enough preparation, have worked hard and pulled themselves up to a point at which they are now really able to benefit from college, and to work in real jobs. Without EBCF’s safety net and belief system supporting these young people, I don’t believe they could possibly be where they are today. You’ve done something really worthwhile, one young person at a time. Thank you for helping us to get involved. We’re totally IN.”  — Maude Pervere and Sam Miller

“While one is impressed upon first meeting one of the EBCF scholars, the revelation comes after seeing their growth and maturation as they progress through their years of college.  Most of this, the students obviously do on their own, but EBCF’s role in supporting them financially, through mentoring and by convening them with others in similar circumstances, is hugely significant.  This small, community-based organization is truly having an impact supporting and motivating those who will drive our future.  We love being part of it.”  —  Andrea and Paul Swenson