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Join us as we partner with 2017 NBA Champions Golden State Warriors Coach Steve Kerr and the Warriors Community Foundation to support a cohort of 20 low-income Oakland youth headed to college this fall! East Bay College Fund will administer the scholarships and persistence services, including mentors, to ensure the Kerr Scholars have the support they need to complete college. Coach Kerr donated $250,000 in proceeds from his speaking engagements to East Bay College Fund to establish the scholarship fund in honor of his father, Dr. Malcolm Kerr.

“I support East Bay College Fund because it’s an incredible organization that not only helps send kids to college, but it helps get them through,” said Coach Kerr, “and it’s not just financial support which is obviously critical, but it’s mentoring which is really the key to the whole thing. It’s amazing how many problems can be solved when somebody has the support of another human being… these kids can go out there and change the world.

“I was just blown away by what they’re doing, just in terms of fundraising but also, mentoring kids in the Bay Area, particularly in the East Bay. Sending them to college, providing mentoring, counseling, it’s a great program, so it’s become kind of my personal charity through the Warriors Foundation… The mentoring part was really I think the key… It’s one thing to donate money, which is a huge part of it, but to contribute the mentoring, and the advice and the moral support is a huge part of what young people need when they’re going off to college. So, that’s what attracted me I think.”

The goal of the Oakland Promise is to triple the number of college graduates from Oakland in the next decade. A college degree has been proven to break inter-generational poverty. The Malcolm Kerr Scholarship Fund welcomes gifts in honor of the Kerr Family and their dedication to higher education. Thank you for your support!

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