“It’s amazing how many problems can be solved when somebody has the support of another human being.”

-Coach Steve Kerr, Golden State Warriors



Mentor Expectations Flyer 

Mentoring Program Summary

The goal of our mentoring program is to provide a sustained, community-based network of personal support, information and resources to East Bay College Fund Scholars and their families, to help each Scholar achieve a successful college experience and expand future opportunities.

Who: A responsible, mature, resourceful, college graduate from the community will be paired as Mentor with an East Bay College Fund Scholar, during the Scholar’s four-year scholarship.
Why: Students need many types of support to succeed in college: personal, moral, academic, financial, career, and more. Through its Mentoring Program and Mentors, East Bay College Fund is committed to helping its Scholars take advantage of as many opportunities and resources, and receive as much personal and professional support as possible during the Scholars’ college years.
What: Each Mentor will initiate and maintain regular contact with his/her Scholar, inquiring how things are going, following up on issues mentioned in previous exchanges, keeping track of Scholar’s progress and struggles, etc. Mentor will help Scholar find personal and professional information and resources available on campus and in the community. Mentor will also establish a consistent connection with Scholar’s family. To aid each Mentor, East Bay College Fund will develop a database of relevant resources.
When: During each of the four academic years, Mentor will maintain monthly (or more frequent) contact with Scholar, via email, letters, phone, text, Skype and in-person meetings. Mentor will meet with Scholar during school breaks (summer, winter, spring), depending upon the availability of Mentor and Scholar. To help maintain the personal nature of the Mentor/Scholar relationship, Mentor will meet in person at least twice each year with Scholar, and at least once each year with Scholar’s family.
How: To help Scholar succeed in college, Mentor will provide moral support and understanding about the challenges of the Scholar’s college experience; locate resources to assist with Scholar’s personal and professional development; explore and share Mentor’s and Scholar’s academic, career, family, and other experiences relevant to Scholar. Mentor may also help Scholar develop a vision and goals for Scholar’s academic and professional future. East Bay College Fund will be a major resource for both Mentor and Scholar, helping create a network of support and information.

Dates for 2017 Mentors:


Early August :       Mentor/Scholar Summer Retreat (Saturday, August 5th)

Early January :      Mentor/Scholar Winter Retreat     (weekday evening)


Complete the Volunteer Interest Form here. Mentor interviews are held from September – April. Scholar match events begin in May with the official match before the end of the month. Mentors and scholars are required to attend several events in the summer before the student’s first semester in college. There events are intended to deepen the relationship between the mentor-scholar pair and familiarize both with East Bay College Fund.

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