2016 Art of Mentoring Scholarship

EBCF Heart Cover Photo

The Art of Mentoring Scholarship is a “pay it forward” gift. East Bay College Fund mentors help fund a $16,000 scholarship for a 2015 scholar who mentors their peers. Mentors who donate to this award can name one, two, or three mentors who made a difference in their lives.

We are pleased to acknowledge that a gift was made in honor of the following mentors:  

  • Luzanne Engh  (Mentor: Crystal Land)

Thank you for making a difference in the life of your mentee! Your mentee is “paying it forward” by helping Oakland scholars build their futures. As a mentor to an EBCF scholar and contributor to this scholarship, your mentee is helping low-income, first generation college students beat the odds. More than 90% of our scholarship students are on their way to a college degree, compared to the national average of 20% for students like ours.

Thank you for making this possible!

The Art of Mentoring Scholarship awards a resilient Oakland student with a $16,000 college scholarship, mentoring, and a system of on-going intensive preparation and support including semi-annual personal growth/career development retreats, and peer mentoring support through our on-campus College Crews Program.

If you would like to donate to the Art of Mentoring Scholarship, please donate here. A gift of any size is welcome.