Be a game changer…Become a Mentor

14508_10152393200151117_6181036012851322313_nAre you looking for a powerful way to help young people in Oakland? Would you like to make a meaningful connection with a college-bound student working hard to fulfill their dreams?

Become a Mentor with East Bay College Fund.

You’ll work with a student who has navigated through difficulties in Oakland public schools and now entering the foreign arena of a college campus. Many of these young people will be the first in their families to attend college.

These youth are exceptional individuals, but need your support.

Being accepted into college and awarded a scholarship from the East Bay College Fund is an enormous achievement, succeeding in college is another thing.

winter retreat mentor10For over a decade, the East Bay College Fund has helped young scholars do just that: persevere and succeed. We provide mentorship, on-campus support, preparation and life-skills education to 150 college-bound and enrolled scholarship winners.

It is a strategy that effectively chips away at an ever-increasing income disparity. According to The New York Times: “Fewer than 30 percent of [eligible] students in the bottom quarter of incomes even enroll in a four-year school. And among that group, fewer than half graduate.”

At the East Bay College Fund we’re not only bucking that trend with an outstanding graduation success rate of about 80%, we’re working to change it.

Mentors are key to students’ success.

Being a Mentor is a life-enriching experience that requires a nominal time commitment and gives unexpected rewards…

winter retreat mentor2And there is no greater equalizer for African American, Latino and other underrepresented communities than a college degree. College graduates, on average, earn far more than high school graduates, up to 84 percent more over a lifetime.

Beyond the economic advantages of attaining a college degree, the East Bay College Fund believes education matters, enriches lives, and should be within reach.

Become a mentor, share your experiences, and help a young person succeed.

You’ll be inspired, challenged, and proud. Whether you are recently retired or firmly in your career, you can be a game changer in a young person’s life.

What’s the time commitment? In addition to twice a year retreats, a Mentor meets with or talks with a matched student once a month.

It takes very little time to make a really big impact.

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