Kerr’s Cause and the Warriors Community Foundation

Kamossi Brooks, Executive Director Diane Dodge, Michelle Hernandez, and Johann Romo at the Oracle Arena on Oct 29, 2017. East Bay College Fund was among other Bay Area organizations who were awarded grants to continue their outstanding work in education accessibility.

On October 29, 2017, the Warriors Community Foundation awarded $1.2million in grants to Bay Area organizations that work to improve public education for local students. Coach Kerr has donated all of the proceeds from his speaking engagements to the Malcolm Kerr Family Fund, a scholarship he set up through the East Bay College Fund in honor of his father.

“I met the East Bay College Fund people last year… I was just blown away by what they’re doing, just in terms of fundraising but also, mentoring kids in the Bay Area, particularly in the East Bay. Sending them to college, providing mentoring, counseling, it’s a great program, so it’s become kind of my personal charity through the Warriors Foundation.” — Coach Kerr

We here at East Bay College Fund cannot be more grateful and excited for our partnership with the amazing Golden State Warriors and Coach Kerr. Here’s to building a stronger, more resilient Oakland.

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