East Bay College Fund’s college graduation rate is over 80%– outstanding for this demographic where the national average is below 20% EBCF Brochure 80 vs 20 graduation rate chart

Over 92% of our current Scholars are persisting to graduation.

High Marks from Individual Evaluation Report

Root Cause - High Performer

Root Cause Inc. recently completed a comprehensive review of East Bay College Fund and concluded that our programs are high performing in every area and gave us an overall “High Performer” status! We performed highly in categories of Intensive Advising, Effective Partnerships, Career Development, and graduation rates of 81%. We also scored well in “Robust Organizational Health” which evaluates financial stability, management, governance, and performance. In comparison with other organizations studied across the nation, East Bay College Fund received the High Performer ranking. As a result, we’ve been asked to share our expertise with other organizations involved with the study. If you would like to see the full report from Root Cause, please click on the link below.

Click here to download the full Transparency Report!

Students We Serve

107 college graduates, the majority of whom are giving back to the community

Granted over 400 scholarships since 2003 (totaling $5.5 million)!

  • Over 330 Great Expectations Awards granted to-date (nearly $5.3 million in scholarships)
  • Granted 141 new scholarships to the senior class of 2015 (Great Expectations and Launch Scholarships).

Approximately 1,000 students served from 9th grade – college annually:

1000 chart

175+ College students served each year:  77% attend a UC or CSU; 18% attend other private/public colleges

Where our students attend college

of our Scholars demonstrate incredible resiliency, having overcome multiple hardships including: community and/or family violence, financial hardship, homelessness, care-taking responsibilities, lack of role models.

Our scholarship recipients come from 24 Oakland public high schools, the majority of which rank among the lowest in the state.