College Completion


Peer and professional support focused on helping students complete a 2-year, 4-year, or career certification

We are focused on college completion and will scale and enhance our proven persistence programs.  These supports have contributed to the success of our Scholars, who  graduate college at 4x  the national average for students in their demographic.

Why this strategy?

Only 12% of OUSD seniors graduate from college in five years due to lack of academic preparation, college know-how, isolation, and family and financial stress.

Research shows that low-income students leave colleges for a cluster of reasons with financial stress often being the “final straw”. Many students don’t know how to navigate the college processes and culture, and as the first in their family to attend college, do not have someone to guide them.  In addition, some students feel socially isolated if they do not see other students like themselves in the college environment. The CREWS Program supports students to go through college in cohorts that build friendship, and provide information and support from upperclassmen and allied on campus. A mobile app reminds students of key deadlines and tasks.

College Partnerships

We have established strong partnerships with 2-year and 4-year colleges to minimize the financial burden of college and ensure that our students successfully complete college with persistence services tailored specifically for Oakland students.


college success centerHow will it work?

ALL Oakland public school students are offered:

  • Near-peer support: “College CREWS” on their campus
  • A college success app on their phones
  • Extra tutoring and counseling support provided by key college partners

In addition, scholarship recipients will receive:

  • Professional college counseling
  • Skill-building retreats
  • Mentoring and career development support including internships and networking